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I think....I think...

I think I'm in love.

When I start working, I want my best friend to be just like him. XD

Who's yer hero NOW, Spidey?

So I watched Spider-Man 3 last night.

And what did I think of it?


I feel so Dirty....

I haven't felt this filthy from anything so dubiously scandalous ever since I discovered all those years ago that I actually enjoyed playing Kratos' threesome mini-game the best out of the whole  game.

Well, I have my stupid little sister to blame for that. Her and her stupid penchant for all things locally televized and overdone with melodramatic overtones. Her and her stupid love for that damn remake of a popular 80's telenovela which my own mother personally watched and remembers with tears in her eyes.

Damn you, Maria Flordeluna...why the hell did you have to get interesting?
Why the hell did Gary have to use Leo's best friend to plant false evidence into his computer supporting Leo's alleged protection of the country's smuggling syndicate?
Why the hell did Mamita and Wilma have to be such vile bitches worthy of hellish flagellation from Beelzebub himself?
Why did Jo have to walk around carrying Leo's baby just days before he was shot by his very own half-brother.

Damn mother and sister...ang lakas ng impluwensya ninyo.

At least that's one more IRL show me and my sister agree on.

The other two are CSI and Project Runway.

Could you possibly call this sisterly bonding? HOSNAP. *shudders*
(totally unrelated topic ahead)
I felt like uploading this cos it amuses me too much!
My scanner died on me. It was almost 3 years old. *sob* So, yeah....I won't be able to post anythin' for a while.


This morning, while chugging down pancakes and listening to Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me on max volume (my dad's not here, he's at Hiroshima :P) some comic ideas for my chibi OrgyXIII hit me.


I live in a clan of Amazons

My entire pokemon team on Pearl is nothing but women. Seriously, I was expecting a male Lucario when Riley gave me my Riolu egg, but when it hatched, WTF?!! It's a girl?!?!

And the chances of getting a female Lucario are like 12% to a whopping 88.

Empoleon? Girl.
Luxray? Chick.
Staraptor? Femme.
Misdreavus? Lady.
Lucario? Jailbait Lassie.
Vespiqueen? 100% X Chromosome.

Uh, Yeah....Nothin' better to do.

Ears. Let's talk about Ears.

Ever notice how Xaldin, Xigbar and Saix have different ears from the rest? I did, and I'm kinda peeved that Squeenix didn't really elaborate on their past lives so as to give explanations for their weird shell-likes. It could just be me, but I think that these three are the last members of a dead race of pariahs.

It would explain the personalities they possess in squick-worthy fanfics, which border on brutal and almost machiavellian-sadistic.


These three would be the sole survivors of a race of heretics and cannibals whose homeworld was wiped out completely by the heartless. Braig and Dilly ended up together on some planet while Sai (let's call him that now, 'kay, or would you rather have Isa?) somehow got thrown to another entirely different world.  Braig and Dilly woke up in the slave trade and were bought by Ansem, who was under a bet by a friend that he couldn't turn the two of them into amiable human beings within a month.

Sai, on the other hand, ended up better. The personal sex slave of some socialite with a mean streak and a dungeon-ful of toys and a harem of hungry girlies ready for some action from their mistress' fave boytoy.

Yeah, I need to get out more.

Here's to the Heroes

Went shopping with pater today and bought some awesome stuff that totally rocks my world.

First off, POKEMON PEARL!!!! hfjdhjgsjgjfhfl;wkdjefwiriejdcnvhgfiuhreufu!!! Was hoping for Diamond, but Pearl is good too. 'Cept Dialga is cooler, but still...can't have everything. Picked Pochama + named my guy (can you guess?)....VINCENT. *sniggers* Wonder why?

Secondly, I MANAGED TO SWIPE THE OFFICIAL 300 FILM ART BOOK!!! Contains concept art, pre-production pics and other machismo-speedo goodies worth oogling over. It's awesome. Srsly. AWESOME.

Thirdly, Ten Tenors. Awesomeness. Total Awesomeness. Their song "Here's to the Heroes" reminds me strongly of 300. Listen to it and see. Agree with me, I say!

That's all for today, bye now.


Philippines: Hotspot for Sex Tourism

Say, has anybody checked ED today? It seems as though we've made the front page...


Well, this is shocking...No, not really.

And here I thought Vincent Libretti was gonna win. I adore him, even though he's an arrogant confident ass with awesome glasses and locks, saying his name alone is awesomeness. It rolls off the tongue so smoothly like screaming "whee!!" when doing a total 360 on a rollercoaster before having your most unflattering picture snapped at the pre-end stop.

I would like to think that Braig looks something like Vincent, so that would make him look...well...sexy. XD

And I think Victoria agrees with me.

Xigbar is Delicious...I SHIT YOU NOT!!

Somebody spoofed Fergie's dumbassed song about just how awesome and delicious she is plus everyone's favorite surfer-talkin' bootylicious ninja cyclops. The result? It rules.

Les Snippet:

Four, tres, two, uno

Listen up ya'll, Cuz this is it

The beat that I'm bangin' is de-li-cious

Xigbalicious definition make fan-girls go loco

They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo

You could see me, you can't squeeze me

I ain't easy, I ain't naughty

I got reasons why I shot 'em

Girls just come and go like seasons

Xigbalicious (so delicious)

But I ain't promiscuous

And if you was suspicious

All that junk is fictitious

I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)

That puts them guns on rock, rock

And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (It's shot, shot)

So delicious (I put them guns on rock, rock)

So delicious (they wanna taste of what I got)

Xigbalicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)


My amusement levels have reached all new high here.

The rest are here, in all their cracktastic awesomeness.