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It's ze end of ze world, and I feel fiiiiiine.

But seriously now, school really knows how to bring a gal's spirits down. If anything, the mathematics are totally killing me from the inside, like a chest-burster except now it's a cranial-driller. Bloody numbers are seriously hurting me right now. But I've been through worse, so chances are I will survive this onslaught of numerical insanity with the same fortitudeI displayed during my wee venture to the Americas when I stood for three brutal hours under the hot North American sun just to watch the Universal Studious production of Spider-Man: The Musical!


On the other hand, English is totally aces. My English teacher is ridiculously sarcastic and is somehow as obsessed with pop culture as me. I sense a connection here, and it's not just 'cause English is my favorite subject in the whole entire unfathomable universe. Nope! I feel that there is a soul sister for me somewhere inside that waif-like frame of hers.

Me so happy right now. :)