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So I was listening to Rick "King of Cheese" Astley today whilst bumming around the car on my ass, waiting for the traffic to ebb and flow. I look out the window out of pure boredom and start gasping and screaming like a maniac at our answer to American Roadkill.

Bloody, tiny, feline carcass of unidentifiable breed stained the asphalt with its pitiful little remains. Head gone missing and probably lodged between the ridges of an 18-wheeler, and torso and waist separated so nicely the meaty strings of red were the first thing one would see had they too been unfortunate enough to gaze out their window at the same exact spot as me.

Poor thing.




It's ze end of ze world, and I feel fiiiiiine.

But seriously now, school really knows how to bring a gal's spirits down. If anything, the mathematics are totally killing me from the inside, like a chest-burster except now it's a cranial-driller. Bloody numbers are seriously hurting me right now. But I've been through worse, so chances are I will survive this onslaught of numerical insanity with the same fortitudeI displayed during my wee venture to the Americas when I stood for three brutal hours under the hot North American sun just to watch the Universal Studious production of Spider-Man: The Musical!


On the other hand, English is totally aces. My English teacher is ridiculously sarcastic and is somehow as obsessed with pop culture as me. I sense a connection here, and it's not just 'cause English is my favorite subject in the whole entire unfathomable universe. Nope! I feel that there is a soul sister for me somewhere inside that waif-like frame of hers.

Me so happy right now. :)


Yeah, you read that right. ROXEL.

Roxas and Axel's loverly little psychotic lovechild, he who lusts after Xally and Xiggy's own little lovechild like the horny bastard he is.

Me and Inah have to much freetime on our hands. And weird imaginations fuelled by that chemical we all love to call insanity.

Saix + Xemnas = Xavier (evil short chap who serves as the unofficial boss to the lot, apparently the whole troop is entirely loyal to him )
Xaldin + Xigbar = Xengki (extremely sweet and sensitive doting mother figure who is as gay as pink ink)
Marluxia + Vexen = Max and Nix (Nix is the pretty boy with the waist of a cheerleader and the whip of a dominatrix who is completely devoted to his brother Max, the perpetually sleepy slackoff who is actually the one who is the most in touch with the different worlds)
Lexaeus + Zexion = Beatrix (Xavier's all-around right-hand woman who also serves as his one-chick fanclub. She also has marvelous breasts.)
Roxas + Axel = Roxel (Mischevious nutter who constantly drives everyone insane on a daily basis. Loves Xengki with the entirety of his none-being.)

We're not asking ya to love them. WEWEREBOREDKBYENOW.

The Wicked Bible? PSHAW! Check this.

Hey, if Marvel can make a comic based on ol' Pope John Paul II's life story, this was bound to happen sometime.

Jesus is bringing manga back.

when does shipment for east asia begin?
Dear God,

The last the few months of my 3rd Year in SPCP were hellish like having to sit through a Lindsay Lohan/Hillary Duff movie marathon minus Mean Girls. Ala Ludovico Technique. All thanks to one particular wench who, no offense to her family, was the first actual person I had ever met who I could say was a slut.

54 boyfriends/stalkers/boyfriend wannabes. (She told me this)

Went to bar right after prom with her boyfriend to do the bar-hopping thing. (She told me this too. TMI, sweetie, TMI)

Bazooms the size of "OHTHEHUMANITY" zeppelins rivalling those of Dolly "Be-Bop-A-Lula!" Parton. It's the bra, not the bazooms that make them...float like balloons. Srsly. She likes 'em that way.

She was nice, but that can only take you so far. She was stupid, which is a bad combination if you weep like your precious pet scottie died simply because yo' mama forbade you from going to the mall one 'noon and nothing more (which by the way was a punishment she got for staying at a friend's place until 1 in the wee morn. She told me this too.) and you didn't help out one bit in our World His project. Apparently, she needs help rephrazing Leonardo's accomplishments into her own words. You cannot spell AGONY or SCRATCH without aid, please grow a few brain cells dear.

St. Paul may be a good(?) school, but also consider your abilities and limitations. Please, go to a school which can prove much easier for you to keep up with. Because if I hear you say "Great Britain" ala Nora Aunor AGAIN I'll kill you. 15 times I taught it to you, and you still couldn't get it. 

The dislike started when she became my seatmate. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.

Not dislike, more of pity, because the only thing she's good at is all but within the vein of beautifying the self.

 All in the name of looking hot for the boiz.

 (Not to nitpick, but who the fuck buys 4k worth of contact lenses just to look PRETTY? Sana nagsalamin ka na lang, it would make you look slightly smarter.)


I'm on my knees, I'm on my nose.


Dull and Duller

Methinks that my taste in original characters (characters created by yours truly in their own niches) is slowly leaning towards the yuri subgroup.
Wala lang. :P



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'Cos Everybody knows that He's The One...

If you've played Bust A Gr(M)oove 2, then you should remember that aces song from Heat's Level.

Listening to it has made me feel utterly nostalgic because memories serve me images of a wee me gushing over the awesomeness of Heat and his sexy flaming jumpsuits. Plus it would make an awesome theme song for that Loreal Freeze Gel Poster Lad and his Chakrams of Death.

I don't like him that much but this would be HIS THEME SONG were he a dances-and-prances gaming character.

Much love Squeenix